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The other night, I got a direct message on Twitter from Kieron and Amy over at Don’t Ever Look Back (who are only two and a bit weeks away from their RTW trip!) telling me they’d nominated me to take part in something called “My 7 Links”. I checked out their post and then inquisitively read on, working out what all this was about.

Turns out, Katie over at Tripbase had kicked off a cool new blogger initiative called My 7 Links. The idea is to highlight seven posts from your blog that are significant in one way or another. Once you’ve done that, you spread the love around by nominating a few other bloggers to post their 7 links. Looks like a great way to generate exposure for posts that have fallen by the wayside, but deserve a bit of a kick in the pants focus-wise.

So without further ado, here are my 7 links from the archives of 48 Hour Adventure.

1. My Most Beautiful Post

Oslo Forest Skyline

48 hours in Oslo

In this post I included lots of photos from my visit in March 2011, a time when snow is still on the ground but the weather is quite lovely. A lot of the landscape shots having a “white snow on blue sky” effect going on, and I think they came out really well.

2. My Most Popular Post

Hungarian Parliament

48 hours in Budapest

The guide I wrote on the Hungarian capital is my all time most popular post, having been retweeted by Lonely Planet and subsequently retweeted by many more people after that. As a result of this huge spotlight being casted on this post, the below occurred..

3. My Most Controversial Post

Hungarian Palace

48 hours in Budapest

I’ve cited the Budapest guide again here, because it generated much heated debate from passionate Budapest locals, both current and former, that felt I missed out a lot of things in the city. I ended up having to diplomatically defend the objective of 48 Hour Adventure, and it was cool how a few friends jumped in to my defence also.

4. My Most Helpful Post

Up in the air..

How to prepare for your first solo weekend trip

I wrote this post because I thought it was worthwhile combining all the things I now take for granted during my weekend travels into a post. Something that breaks down a few more bricks from the wall that stops people from travelling on their own, not to mention on a whirlwind weekend trip.

5. The post whose success surprised me

Milan's Duomo

Featured Photo – Milan

Generally my posts featuring photos from my travels don’t get as much traffic or comments as the juicy “48 hours in..” posts. This one on the Duomo in Milan however, got tonnes of attention and received heaps of comments. It included some really detailed photos of the Duomo, both in and out.

6. The Post I feel didn’t receive the attention it deserved

Graffiti in Porto

48 hours in Porto

This post was the result of a press trip organised by Turismo de Portugal, and I wrote this with the same attention to detail as every other 48 hours Guide, but no one commented on it! It is a lesser known destination, but sheds light on the northern part of Portugal so few travellers visit on their European itineraries.

7. The Post that I’m Most Proud Of


48 hours in Copenhagen

I wrote this off the back of attending TBEX Europe in November 2010, and I was bursting with motivation, drive and passion. I put tonnes of effort into this post, meticulously detailing addresses and including loads of photos. This was the post where I debuted the Google Maps orientation portion of the 48 hours Guides.

My Nominations

As part of the concept, it’s time for me to pass on the torch and nominate 5 other bloggers to take part. Here’s my 5 that I’ve chosen. Tag, you’re it!

Nathan and Sofia at As We Travel
Jayne at 40 Before 30

Mark at Mark on the Move
Chloe at Camping in Heels
Andy at Grounded Traveler

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  1. says

    I love the objective of 48 Hour Adventure! I think it’s original and the truth is, no blogger can fully understand a city on every level, no matter how much time is spent there.

    Glad to see you tagged Jayne! Can’t wait to see her answers. I will post mine soon!

  2. says

    Love this 48 hour adventure concept. When I lived in London a few years back I used to do exactly that! Twice a month, I’d leave Friday night and take a cheap flight somewhere, coming back Sunday night. Loved it, great memories.

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