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48 hours in Reykjavik

19 August 2013


The Sun Voyager

Iceland is all about the wild outdoors. It’s one of the most naturally beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, and it’s chock full of extreme features like volcanoes, glaciers, expansive geo thermal areas, waterfalls and geysers. In this post I’m going to focus a bit on Reykjavik, but also cover the must see, top ticket natural […]

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London to Luxembourg – Overnight in the crossroads of Europe

15 December 2012


Overlooking Luxembourg from Sofitel

I’d always wanted to check out Luxembourg. Something about the little country’s location, small size and influence from the 3 countries around it made me want to see what it was all about. When cheap Cityjet flights out of London City (LCY) airport came up not that long ago, I decided I’d treat my girlfriend […]

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48 hours in Prague

16 October 2012


Square and Church shot

I’d been wanting to see Prague for a while. It was high up on my “Central/Eastern Europe” list, and a city I was only really interested in seeing in the summer due to how cold it gets around that area during winter. I’d heard of how historic and beautiful it was, but also how cheap […]

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48 hours in Paphos

5 September 2012


Paphos Harbour

JM – When Karen Guttridge from Ladyhiker approached me about writing a guest post about Cyprus, I asked if you could cover the whole island in a weekend. She assured me that even in the town of Paphos there was enough to enjoy a sun-soaked weekend of great Mediterranean food, scenic hiking and history. I […]

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Exploring Switzerland by Train in Two Days

23 August 2012


Alps Landscape

What do you think of when you think of Switzerland? Cliche travel stereotypes like beautiful mountain ranges, velvety milk chocolate, cheese with holes in it and everyone skiing right? To knock over at least a few of those, how do you squeeze all of that into one trip? Luckily Switzerland isn’t massive and has a […]

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Experiencing ANZAC Day in Gallipoli

6 June 2012



The main reason I went to Istanbul was to go to Gallipoli for ANZAC Day. To experience the Australian national day of remembrance in the most sacred of battlefields was an opportunity I had to jump on. Intrepid Travel kindly provided a tour for Chris and I for the day after we arrived in Istanbul, and we […]

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48 hours in Istanbul

29 May 2012


Istanbul Skyline

Last month Chris from The Aussie Nomad and I travelled to Turkey with Hostelbookers and Intrepid Travel. We spent a few days in Istanbul during our time in-country as well, so I’ve managed to bring together all the unmissable stuff for you in our bread-and-butter 48 hour Guide format. Istanbul is a city of contrasting […]

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Taking the sea route for a weekend in Amsterdam

12 May 2012


Sign to ship

I’ve been to Amsterdam my fair share of times. For rave parties in Almere or lads parties in the Red Light District, I’ve traipsed up and down the canals of the Dutch capital more times than most. When an opportunity came my way to visit the city again during a weekend but taking an alternative […]

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Need a fitness kickstart? How about a weekend bootcamp in Yorkshire?

4 May 2012


boxing gloves

So usually around here we only write about far flung, beautiful destinations with amazing food, historic sights and thumping nightlife. When I was asked to try an Easter weekend bootcamp in North Yorkshire I thought “alright then, I’ll show you how it’s done”. Next thing I know, I’m on a train to York to undertake […]

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Wondercool Copenhagen – Culinary Delights and Amazing Architecture

22 April 2012


Market 2

After experiencing lumpfish roe delicacies and cinematic scenes in a church as part of Wondercool Copenhagen, we were ready for day two in Denmark’s capital. Having enjoyed a comfortable night’s sleep in the Admiral Hotel, we were up early to see what all the fuss was about in a newly developed area of Copenhagen not far from […]

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