Tearing it up in Hamburg at the Generator

Rote Flora

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my time in Europe it’s that there’s no shortage of cities to dash off to with your mates for a cheeky weekend to sample the local nightlife. With most of the Western European metropolises being on the well-trodden path of revellers, you don’t have to look far to […]

48 hours in Stuttgart


This week we’ve got a guest post from Marcia Bauer of Pocket Village. She’s a native of Stuttgart and knows all about what to check out and where to eat and drink in this friendly southern German city – JM Stuttgart is well known for Mercedes and Porsche but it’s also the small but wonderful […]

Beers of Europe – My Five Favourites


One of the greatest kicks I get out of travelling to the many different countries in Europe is trying the local drink on offer. Whether it’s port wine in Porto, whiskey in Scotland or trappist beer in Belgium, I like taking a break from cruising round town to get my imbibe on and meet the […]

Guide to Oktoberfest Opening Weekend

Beer ladies doing their at Oktoberfest

So you’ve decided to get some mates together and head over to Munich for Oktoberfest to saturate your bodies with delicious, Bavarian beer. I applaud this decision, because it’s one of the wildest, craziest weekends you’ll ever have. Opening weekend is when all the fun begins. There’s a huge parade down the main thoroughfare of […]

48 hours in Hamburg

Hamburg Cityscape

A guest post this week, this time from Julie Falconer. She recently travelled to Hamburg, Germany and details what the story is for a 2 day trip to this city in Germany’s north. Hamburg is mostly known for business travel. In fact, most people that have explored the city have done so between meetings or […]

Featured Photo – Berlin


One of Berlin’s most recognisable landmarks, the Brandenburg Gate has been the focal point for many historically significant events in the past 100 years including the symbol of Nazi Germany, the erection of the Berlin Wall directly in front of it and the site of the famous speech by Ronald Reagan (“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down […]

Featured Photo – Oktoberfest


As one of the biggest ticket events I’d listed to see in Europe, it was an understatement that I was excited to go to Oktoberfest. About 10 of us headed over to Munich (via Geneva, and then Zurich on the way back..) for the opening weekend. The scene above is of the very first beers […]

48 hours in Berlin


Every person I’d spoken to that had been to Berlin had nothing but fantastic, encouraging things to say about this city. Stories of epic nights out partying, rich cultural experiences and historical sights made me super excited to visit the German capital. As I was soon to find out, Berlin is unlike any city I’ve […]

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